The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

//The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

When you pour a cup of hot coffee, there’s a surprising amount of chemistry and physics brewing in your mug.

That rich coffee aroma rises from the steam because roasting coffee beans converts bitter chlorogenic acid into a diverse set of compounds. Some smells you’d expect-fruity, spicy, earthy, vanilla-but there are a few surprises (cabbage??). And adding a splash of milk or sprinkle of sugar sets off a chain of physical reactions. Convection makes the cold milk sink while the interactions between milk and coffee molecules create the milky swirls. Brownian motion also will spontaneously mix the coffee over time, no need for a stirrer. 

Watch Reaction’s newest video below to learn more about what happens inside your morning pick-me-up, and how it relates to the chaos of the universe. 


Extraterrestrial Real Estate

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January 25, 2017 at 11:00AM

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